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Chuck Nowland (Tom Hanks) has a high-paying job with FedEx sorting out time management problems. One Christmas Eve he is sent away on a job, but the plane carrying him crashing into the sea. Chuck washes up on an uninhabited island and he soon discovers that he is the only survivor. Using the remains of the plane's cargo Chuck must find a way to survive on the island and somehow find a way back to civilisation.

With a movie that mostly involves one man stuck on his own on an uninhabited island, having a likable lead is a must. Thankfully, we have Tom Hanks in the lead and he is likable as always.

Most of the time the only thing Chuck has for company is a beach ball he names Wilson. I think the main reason for having Wilson is to give Chuck somebody to talk to without him sounding like a crazy person. You will be surprised at just how much you would care about an inanimate object. Wilson's final fate is quite a tearjerker as well.

Poor old Chuck gets put through quite a lot of abuse through the movie. One particularly cringey moments comes when he has to remove a bad tooth with nothing but an old ice-skate.

The trailer spoils the fact that Chuck does manage to find a way back to civilization. I thought that it was a pity that we never saw more of his struggle to adjust back to normal life. The main thing the movie concentrates on when Chuck returns to normal life is the fact that his fiancée has married another man. Chuck doesn't even seem all that upset about that.

Three pointy hats.

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